“self-transformation program seems too intense for me”

“I just want to have one session when I feel like it” 

“I just want to make a serving schedule and have accountability / follow up” 

Then , this is for you! 

Option 1: Power Habit :(Max.120 min / 20,000 yen ) 

  • Design your empowering morning schedule 

  • Design your empowering night schedule 

  • Design your empowering weekly schedule 

  • Create habit tracking template 

  • Design your daily journals 

  • Know your values to live a more full-filling life

+ Homework in prior to the session

No initial session for this

Option 2: Insightful Individual Session: (Max.60 min / 12,000 yen) 

  • Choose any topic for every session 

  • Get your solution in every session 

    + Intention Journal in prior to the session

    I can confidently say that in every session, I give a “Aha!” moments + satisfying possible countermeasure to my tribe aka. clients


Option 3: Daily Accountability: (1 week: 1,500 yen) 

  • Receive a message everyday to check in with you 

Sometimes it is difficult to form a habit without an accountability partner. Therefore, request for an accountability buddy to message you when you have not done your discussed serving habits!