1 Month


Power Couple Program 

Not only will you enrich your relationship with your partner,

you will empower your life. 


◉◉◉ What we will do?  ◉◉◉

◉ 1 FULL DAY POWER COUPLE Workshops  ◉ 

  • Couple Workshop #1 - Understanding each other’s value in relationship 

  • Couple Workshop #2 - Creating Affirmation 

  • Couple Workshop #3 - Ideal Couple Vision Creation

◉ Weekly Individual Private Self-Empowerment 60 min. sessions (6 in total) ◉ 

◉ Bi-Weekly Tokyo Tribe Dinner ◉ 

◉ 1 Sunny Inner Peace Yoga Time at Yoyogi Park  ◉ 

workshop from 2019. May

workshop from 2019. May

What you will get in the workshops?

  • understand each others other’s values in a relationship which helps you understand one of the causes of your arguments 

  • creating relationship values as a couple which helps you to make faster and happy decisions as a couple 

  • understand each others’ ways of showing love and create countermeasures to meet both of your needs 

  • clarify vision as a couple 

  • create affirmations / encouragement words which you can say to each other to have more supportive loving relationship 

  • create ‘Power Couple Habits” 

  • understand each other’s visions in life 

◉ What will be this based on? 

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) NLP is the study of how our brain functions.

 Its objective is to find optimum ways to produce the results people want.


◉ What you will do ◉ 

in the individual sessions?

In order for you to live to your “ideal couple vision”, there are something that is hampering  you from having that. During the individual sessions, we will explore the roots cause of these limitations. Usually the root cause is affected by your childhood experience. Therefore, we will have individual sessions where you will have privacy and can self-reflect privately. 

◉ What you will get 

in the individual sessions?

  • solve some of the issues that you did not how to solve 

  • have a third party support to resolve any issues that may have been avoided 

  • promote self-discovery and personal development 

  • deep dive and visually look at your disempowering current thought pattern 

  • create individual customized empowering habit plans 

  • be heard 


◉◉◉ What will we do? ◉◉◉

1 full intensive day workshop

  • Couple Workshop #1 - Understanding each other’s value in relationship

  • Couple Workshop #2 - Creating Affirmation

  • Couple Workshop #3 - Ideal Couple Vision Creation

6 Individual Private 60 min. Sessions (3 sessions each person) 

  • Private session will be based on the topic that the couple have choice. This will be about what is limiting them from having the most ideal relationship 

  • All private sessions will include daily personalized homework which will be monitored everyday 

  • All private sessions will include doing personal journaling which will support in their journey 

*Everything will be confidential. I will not share to your partner without your consent 

Bi-weekly Power Couple Tribe Dinner 

  • exploring how we feel of the progress 

  • integrating the individual private sessions and sharing with couple

  • body workshop 

1 Sunny Inner Peace Yoga Time at Yoyogi Park 

◉◉◉ What is the price? ◉◉◉

For the following sessions/ workshops, it is 60,000 yen per pair

  • 1st Early birds until Jun. 15th 54,000 yen per pair 

  • 2nd Early birds until Jun. 20th 58,000 yen per pair

◉◉◉ What is the criteria? ◉◉◉

Both partner must want to be interested in this program