Self - Discovery Session

(Numerology/ Astrology / NLP Session)


In our sessions we will integrate the modern and ancient wisdom to explore who you are and apply logical methods in discovering your true self.

Phythagoras is known from influencing philosophies of Plato and Artiste and his discovery of Pythagorean theorem which calculates hypothenuse of the triangle( a2 + b2 = c2 )

This Greek mathematician from 6th century B.C. developed a study that explores the following aspects through reading your birth year, birth month and birth date;

  • your true passion

  • your life passion

  • your gift

  • points to overcome (if you still have not overcame)

  • your direction in career to be closer to your real you (if you still have not found yet)

  • your life theme phase

By using this study as the overview of the session, I use the NLP techniques which was developed in the 1970s. NLP (Neuro - Linguistic Programming) is used to achieve the highest outcome by understanding how the brain works. This type of psychology is well used in business area and is known to be used by Anthony Robbins, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama.

I use this methods to go through each of the topics with your permission. This technique is used in life coaching sessions where I guide people to become who they want to become by identifying any beliefs that may be hampering you from your progress. Please look for the details in my “Life Coaching Session”

The session will be based on the 10 ~ 14 pages of personalized documents. This document will not be given to you, therefore, many clients take notes of what they thought was important or take voice record of the session.

Your investment:

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Comments from the tribe

“I didn't know anything about this before. But, I’d never have been interested in it. After trying it, it was very interesting. It made me think about things I have not thought before or things I have been repressing for a long time. It made me think about my past which actually is affecting my current situation. Therefore, the session was helpful because it made me confront with my self. Although, I wont believe everything, I’d like to stay open minded about the things I have heard and apply it in my life” - 30s Japanese Male

“It was very good because it made me reassure about who I am. There are some things I was scared to admit to myself like what I truly like doing. Then, in my numerology result, it said the same thing. So, I felt more confident in who I am. Also, I was very surprised in how much information I have received. Rin really took her time to create the document. I liked how she combined it with the psychology aspect. So, the session just didn't end with the ‘given document’. She made my “next step” kind of work which was very helpful.” - 30s Japanese Female

“I consider myself logical, so I was surprised how logical it actually was. She organized my emotions and thoughts for me in some of the topics. This helped me feel more clear about few things. Thank you” - 30s Japanese Male