2 months

Self-Transformation Program


Have you ever … ?

Have you had the following thoughts before?

  • “I want to be the best version of myself … I want to know how…”

  • “I feel stuck and I want to be out of it …”

  • “I want to change my habit, but I don’t know how ….”

  • “I feel empty and I want to change it ….”

  • “For some reason, I always end up in a relationship where I get sad…. I want to know ways to stop it…”

  • “I want to have a higher self-esteem …. I just don’t know …”

If you’ve resonated with 5 out of 6 thoughts from the above points, this self-transformational program will support you pave your journey to the “real” you


What is life coaching?

What is the different between therapist, friends and life coach?

What will I essentially do in her session?

What will this be based on?

NLP (Neuro - Linguistic Programming)

What will I get in this course ?

Deep-diving the past

  • identify what is stopping you from taking action to your ideal life

  • identify your subconscious beliefs / mindset that is limiting you to get what you want

  • create clear habitual empowering action plan

Habits Design

  • Design your customized empowering morning habits

  • Design your customized empowering night habits

  • Design your own daily journal

  • Design your schedule


  • Daily accountability

  • Weekly homework

  • Visual support in your thought pattern via google shared document

Self-Discovery / Wellbeing

  • Get your astrology + numerology to know more about yourself as something to put in back of your mind

Find out more from clicking the button below

Find out more from clicking the button below

  • 7 assignments that supports your journey

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  • have access to all Jiaiii weekly workshops for only 1000 yen each


“I didn’t think my life would change so much in just 1 month” -women 30s

What is Rin’s style?

・・・ Clarity ・・・

Logical & Practical with NLP techniques & visual support

・・・ Action based ・・・

establish supportive habits with accountability buddy

・・・ Loving Support ・・・ 

Accepting + Exciting space

“Rin’s coaching is having transformational effect in my life. I did not think it would affect not only my personal life, but attitude toward my career life too” - men, early 40s

Past cases


“I like how she never forces me to do things. She really listens to me. She is definitely changing my life with a good pace” - women, early 3os

Your investment for your transformation :

until END of August   FYI ICF (International Coach Federation) study shows that the  average fee for a 1-hour coaching session is about $230 USD .  FYI Rin will be away deepening her learning in Bali from Oct - end of Nov. Online session is possible from Nov

until END of August

FYI ICF (International Coach Federation) study shows that the average fee for a 1-hour coaching session is about $230 USD.

FYI Rin will be away deepening her learning in Bali from Oct - end of Nov. Online session is possible from Nov

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If you are currently financially struggling, but really want to change:

feel free to consult with Rin


I am interested … but, I don’t want to make a mistake … what if it did not suit me?

For those people who may be hesitating whether to take the self-transformational program or not, no worries!

You have a free trial session. In this free trial session,

  • experience 60 min. of real session and get the feeling of it!

  • briefly understand how our brain functions

  • get a better understanding of the program

Moreover, before the free trial session, you will have to answer a pre-questionnaire which will help you …

  • understand about yourself even more

  • organize your thought

  • clarify what is hampering you to take action

Basically, not only is it risk-free, you get to expand your mind more and know about yourself even more for FREE!

If you do decide during this free initial session, you will even have 5,000 yen discount!

I am interested …. what should I do now?

These are the 5 pre - stages before possibly taking the program!

jiaiii website_ 5 prestages for transformation .png

Rin does not pressure you to take the program because she personally doesn’t feel comfortable in that approach. So, please feel safe.

However, since she will really take her time and energy ( use all her knowledge / experience / skill) to serve you for your free -initial session,

she hope you are somebody who is 80% + ~ interested in taking the program and you are somebody who just want to see whether her approach works for you or not.

Of course, it is also okay if you do not decide to take it after the first session :) She will not hold grudges against you. No worries!


If you take your same approach to make a difference in your life, most likely you will have a similar result that may even disappoint you.

Just imagine. Taking a similar approach and not having the result you want for 1 year, 3 years or even 8 years!? Is this not more of a disappointment? Is this not scary?

Take your first step

to change your current life situation!

Nothing will happen if you don’t take action. You know it.

Book your FREE 90 min. initial session

It is free, so there is nothing to loose!

You will only gain new insights!