Why do we do Tokyo Tribe Dinner?


To create a loving non - judgmental community where people can truly be themselves even in the first encounter :)


What will we do in Tokyo Tribe Dinner ?

美味しいディナー + 毎回違う「人生」に関するトピックを話します

talk, eat great food from unique restaurants! + Topic

What were our topic in the past?

  • 「理想像を制限している恐れとは」(5月)

  • 「なぜ生まれてきたと思うか」(3月)

  • 「自分の家族との関係」(4月)

    • 「今後、どんな関係を家族と築きたいか」

    • 「どんなことを人生で学ぶために、自分の家族に生まれてきたか」

  • “What are my fears?”(May)

  • “Why do you think you are born?”(Mar)

  • “How is your relationship with your family?” (Apr)

    • “What kind of relationship would you like to have with your family?”

    • “What is your family teaching you in life?”