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👇Other Success Stories👇体験談 👇

  • By gaining confidence, she won 1st place in her first body building completion

  • By creating visualization work, a professional sport athlete had his best score

  • Does not need to drink every weekend anymore

  • Was finally able to feel relieved after her abusive relationship with her former relationship

  • Finding and being hired from her ideal job which she did not even know it had existed after a month after my session

  • Being able to focus on her work by having less stress and finding a solution on how to deal with her abusive boss

  • Was able to understand why he was attracting certain women in his relationships

  • Was finally able to speak with his parents whom he did not have a good relationship with

  • Found out what he wanted to do, found his ideal work place within 3 months and feeling more vibrant. Even if he has stress, since he had learned how to deal with it in a healthy way, he feels invincible

  • He had been wanting to do his own original work for more than 5 years. After 2 months, he held his 1st workshop!

👇After trial session👇

第3回目のセッション後の感想(33歳 )


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(38歳 ・ 会社員)