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Inner Peace Yoga + Picnic Net Working Connecting Time at a Park


Hi beautiful hearted people in Tokyo!

◉Have you wanted to go to a networking event where you are not labelled with your education or occupation?

◉Have you ever wanted to go to a networking event where you feel safe, not be judged, and not having to impress other people?

◉Have you ever just genuinely just want to connect with people and want to know the person of who they are and what they do?

Come and join the circle if you are one of those people!

◎◎◎ What we do? ◎◎◎ 
1. Inner Peace Yoga: This yoga will help you feel peaceful while doing some dynamic poses. (You do not need to be a yogi. Beginners are very very very welcome)

**** You can just sleep during this time under the tree ***

2. Gather into a circle for a picnic

◎◎◎ What will we do during the picnic? ◎◎◎ 
1. We will, of course, introduce ourselves with interesting / self-reflection promoting questions
2. We will practice receiving / giving support

◎◎◎ What do you mean by ‘practicing giving / receiving support’?  ◎◎◎ 

We will share each other…
◉◎◉“ what we can give” ◉◎◉
examples: skills, experience, connection you have.
Or even better: Sharing what you love to do.
What you love doing always empower other people.

You are always very significant.
You are very important in the world by doing what you love!
If you cannot think of anything you can give, you can simply say, “I can listen”

◉◎◉“what we would like to receive” ◉◎◉
In this world, everything has a balance.
“What you give, you shall receive” or as Newton Third Law says, “In every action, there is opposite equal reaction”
However, in order to receive, you first must put it out there for people to know!

So, lets practice being honest and open about receiving!

◎◎◎ What you will get? ◎◎◎ 
- receive relaxing yoga time
- practice being vocal of who you are
- meet amazing people!
- healthy food

◎◎◎ In return... ◎◎◎ 
2500縁 for non-members for relaxing / dynamic yoga + loving community + food
(if you bring your friends, 500 縁 discount for both of you)

600 縁 if you are members of
- Tudor’s Life & Fitness
- Tribe from Jiaiii

◎◎◎ Please bring your …◎◎◎ 
- yoga mat (we will have a blanket which you can use)
- drinks
- snacks / fruits if you want to share!

◎◎◎ PLACE ◎◎◎ 
Meeting Point will be at the fountain... Will take a photo and send it to the group discussion later :)

Please press “on going” so we can know who are coming and we can prepare for food!

If you have any questions, do contact to Jiaii Rin directly!

***If it rains, we will do it on Sunday ***
We will notify around 5/23

—- who is the Yoga instructor ——
Rin felt learning yoga in Japan wasn’t enough.
Thus, she went to learn yoga in front of the Himalaya mountain in India.

However, after her travel to Thailand, she fell in love with feeling energy flow with yoga. She now continues to practice yoga everyday.

In her yoga, she integrate meditation while she has a lot of dynamic movement.

Her intention is for the people to feel relaxed and safe.

--- What is Jiaiii's mission? ----
1. To create a loving non - judgmental community where people can truly be themselves even in the first encounter
2. To give opportunities for people to self-reflect so they can feel lighter and focus more on their exploring their purpose

Find more about Jiaiii:

--- What is tudor's life and fitness's mission? ---
1. To make everyone's life a better one.
2. To inspire their clients to lead active lives

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